Hallowed Ground

Stories of Successful Aging

The Book

Good news—we’re living longer. There are nearly fifty million Americans who are sixty-five years or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

However, the reality of caring for your aging parents or yourself is becoming increasingly complicated. How do you or your loved ones navigate the future and stay happy, active, and engaged in society?

Book Review: HALLOWED GROUND: Stories of Successful Aging

When I finished reading HALLOWED GROUND, I called Larry Minnix to congratulate him on writing the ultimate reference for professionals and non-professionals if not anyone and everyone who chooses a career in aging services. Maybe senior care organizations should give...

McKnight’s 40 for 40 Honor

I am incredibly honored to have been recognized as of McKnight's 40 for 40. "As part of the 40th anniversary of McKnight’s, McKnight’s Senior Living and McKnight’s Long-Term Care News have been recognizing 40 notable newsmakers. Each week, the brands have highlighted...

Book testimonial – J. Rich

I just finished reading your wonderful book, which should be a textbook for any course given to professionals and non- professionals in the world of Senior Care. Most importantly, you capture that Senior Care is an emotionally charged environment that impacts the...


I sat on my front porch overlooking the lake. Geese, ducks, and parents with kids and dogs in tow walking by. I sipped a single malt with a small dish of peanuts at day's end to mellow out a bit. Suddenly a young squirrel dashed up the trunk of the white oak next to...


February 12 BELIEF ABOUT BELIEF Without belief, we have no focus...     We are drifters. Without belief, we have no values...      We are irrelevant. Without belief, we have no commitments...      We are meaningless. Without belief, we have no passion...      We are...


A Satire on Re-Opening America I have a plan for those who advocate for loose controls on the spread of disease because we owe it to future generations to die off early to save the economy for our grandkids. As Texas Lt. Gov Patrick asks my generation, "As a senior...

How Old is Old?

My Avondale High School Class of '65 has a close-knit circle of longstanding friends. Our Queen Mother that coordinates communications among the 600 plus classmates is Kay Connelly, who edits a weekly class newsletter called "A-MAIL.". It relives every football...

The Era of Inspiration

Diffey, Kathy, and Steve are the three Wise People that would show up at the manger today bearing gifts of wisdom for the Baby Jesus and his earthly parents... All three continue to do so for all of us. My wife, Kathleen, is another inspirational source to me- always...

Where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY!

I left money to the Wesley Woods Foundation because of gratitude for what the institution has done for my family and me, out of inspiration and as a way to show my commitment to serving others.

Book review – Kenn B.

Your book Hallowed Ground was received on Saturday and read over the holiday. It was thoroughly enjoyed; definitely relatable; oftentimes humorous and without a doubt on point in its message. Although I am not a religious individual there was an identifiable message...

Leadership Podcast

I was recently featured on Seniors STRAIGHT Talk show, discussing how the LeadingAGE Leadership Academy was founded and how to seek out and identify healthcare workers with leadership qualities. There are many health care workers with tremendous qualities for leadership that go unidentified.

The importance of recognizing leadership qualities and cultivating leaders in healthcare is imperative for creating effective team building and care environments. This applies to supervisors, managers, owners, and operators. Larry contends that many line workers are drawn to this field because they have a heartfelt desire to help care for older adults.

The show discusses what it’s going to take for the country to develop long term care plans that will instill confidence in the increasing number of our population’s older adults and their families.




About Larry Minnix

Larry Minnix was CEO of Wesley Woods Center of Emory University and President and CEO of LeadingAge, a national association of nonprofit aging service providers.