Your book Hallowed Ground was received on Saturday and read over the holiday. It was thoroughly enjoyed; definitely relatable; oftentimes humorous and without a doubt on point in its message.

Although I am not a religious individual there was an identifiable message and deep-rooted meaning contained in the vignettes presented that did indeed resonate with me.

As a former health care executive like you, and chair of the facility’s ethics committee, like you; while reading your book I placed myself in your shoes and writings and found commonalities that brought back memories which, one can only discern from being confronted with family issues that are ofttimes fraught with negative attitudes; selfishness and financial consequences.

I thank you for capturing the essence of the aging process and the pitfalls associated with familial interventions, if not from a scientific perspective than certainly from a care-giving and observational one.

Wishing you continued success in your relationships with individuals and groups that seek your guidance and wisdom.