Pols and celebrities are advocating the reopening of the country at the risk of the health of seniors. Texas Lt. Gov Patrick asked, “As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?” Dr. Oz says reopening schools would result in “only” 2-3 % mortality. Sen. Kennedy of Louisiana says we must be “ready”  to let the COVID 19 “take lives.” And Dr. Phil argues we don’t shut down the country drunk driving fatalities, cigarette smoking, and drownings in private pools, do we?

So, if we open up our country and “let the virus be the virus,” I suggest a program that designates three basic classes of Americans- FREE RANGERS, CAVALIERS, AND GOLD CLUBBERS–  that will be duly noted in all our official personal documents.
A FREE RANGER is someone who regularly goes to the DMV (Department of Multiple Viruses) and obtains a virus-free license. They are tested privately using their own money. They are free to move about the cabin. They show their license to get into public events, travel on planes and trains, eat at restaurants. They are re-certified virus free like driver’s license renewals. Eventually, everyone will want to be a FREE RANGER.
This class of citizens can exercise their right NOT to be tested and to be free from self-isolation. But we have to assume they are infected and contagious absent proof and availability of widespread testing. So, CAVALIERS must wear masks, social distance, have designated sections on beaches and in churches and synagogues. They receive formal education through distance learning. At employer discretion, their offices would have designated floors and break rooms. They must only use restaurant drive-throughs. There would be separate cruises of risk-takers.  They pay a surtax that to support research into viruses, and to build walls and nursing home cubicles to isolate infected people. Businesses can choose to serve CAVALIERS or not until one of them sues, and the Supreme Court decides their rights versus those of business.
You are automatically a member of this prestigious class at age 70 and receive Medicare and Social Security! But, since the bulk of health care costs are incurred in the last months of life, at age 75, GOLD CLUBBERS are encouraged to sign a pledge (voluntary opt-out for more participation) to receive NO MORE medical treatment for the remainder(short, mind you) of life. The pledge includes a DNR, with no 911, ER, ICU, surgical procedure.  No  more PART D drug coverage (except Tylenol, Preparation H, Robitussin, treatment for the heartbreak of psoriasis, adult beverages, and morphine.) Broken bones would be repaired, so our kids don’t have to wheel us everywhere and miss work. THINK OF THE TAXPAYER MONEY TO BE SAVED! We could fund more medical research, kids programs,  scholarships, walls, corporate welfare, and stock buy-backs. Health stocks would take a beating, but sales of snake oil remedies- small businesses– on QVC would skyrocket, as would sales of Bibles. The cremation industry, checkerboards, and card games companies would be the new darlings of  Wall Street!
There could be a designated holiday for national ceremonial signing where we could tell seniors how thankful we are for their service, and that our thoughts and prayers are with them in these last months of their lives. The President could lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown GOLD CLUBBER.
Then, at a future presidential election, some candidates will no doubt pass out red caps and matching red masks with “MAMA” on them. It stands for “Make America Ethical Again”…
Let’s ask the LT. GOV and his thought leader friends if they will lead the movement to “TAKE ONE FOR THE GRANDS!” and be founding members of the GOLD CLUB.
Larry Minnix