O Creator and Sustainer of the universe and life within it,
The One who made the life cycle of aging, dying, death, and rebirth,
I plead that I might age gracefully, accepting the plan you have made with all its conditions;
Help me to find purpose in every day that is given me as long as I can draw breath, regardless of my health and strength;
Give me comfort through your presence in the pain and indignities when body and mind fail;
Inspire my spirit even as body and mind betray me;
Keep me from complaining about my plight to those around me;
Spare me from becoming cynical about regrets;
Relieve me of bitterness about those who have wronged me or for whom I bear antipathy;
Hone my tongue to wisdom when I open my mouth;
Make me humble enough to ask for help when I really need it;
Free me from the illusion that I can control others according to my desires, instead of your purpose, for them;
Help me exemplify obedience to you as an example to the generations;
Forgive me of my sins and remember them no more- even those I do not remember or have too much pride to face;
Help me atone and make amends when possible;
Guide the next generations in your ways and according to your Divine Plan;
Help me live a life of continuous prayer;
And one day, grant me peaceful passage to the next phase of your plan for my life as I am reconciled to your everlasting arms through my aging;
And leave me and those I love with no unredeemed regrets…